Space Bar in Space


The space bar flew away from the keyboard.

The keyboard flew away from the computer.

The computer flew away from the desk.

The desk flew away from the family room.

The family room flew away from the the house.

The house flew away from the street.

The street flew away from the neighborhood.

The neighborhood flew away from Stanley.

Stanley flew away from Overland Park.

Overland Park flew away from Kansas City.

Kansas City flew away from Kansas.

Kansas flew away from the United States.

The United States flew away from North America.

North America flew away from South America.

South America flew away from Africa.

Africa flew away from Europe.

Europe flew away from Asia.

Asia flew away from Australia.

Australia flew away from Antarctica.

Antarctica flew away from the world.

The world flew away from the solar system.

The solar system flew away from the galaxy.

The galaxy flew away from space.

Space flew away from the the whole entire UNIVERRRRSSSE!

And they went to an alien universe…


Natalie’s Adventure in Outer Space


One day, I set off to go to the moon. Stephen was going too. We got in the spaceship. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…BLAST OFF! We flew high in the air. We were in outer space! We were going to the moon…but there was an error and we crashed into planet Ka-fifi! We climbed out of the spaceship. It was broken! And there were aliens! There was a short round one. His name is Ka-Neil. There was a tall skinny one. His name is Ka-Alex. There was a short skinny one. Her name was Ka-Nat. The aliens fixed our spaceship with their magic powers.

“Goodbye,” we said. We went back to Earth.


ImagePetunia is a penguin. She lives in Antartica. She has one brother. His name is Poppy. She has three sisters. Their names are Neatly, Angel and Perfect. They were all neat and orderly…but not Petunia.

When they were sweetly singing “Somewhere over the Iceburg,” she was singing, “How many toes does a fish have? How many wings does a cow? Oh I wonder. Yep I wonder. How many toes does a fish have?”

When they were marching Petunia was skipping. When they were building the igloo she wanted it to be the shape of a penguin.

Petunia is an odd bird but a nice bird to have around.

(Based on the book, Tacky the Penguin, by Helen Lester.)

Moby Duck, Adventure #1

“Call me silly, but Mr. Starbuck and I are looking for Moby the great white Duck,” said Captain Silly.

“Captain Silly and I still can’t see Moby the great white Duck,” said Mr. Starbuck.

“Moby Duck Ahoy!” yelled Mr. Starbuck, “I see Moby the great white Duck!”

“Where?” asked Captain Silly.

“Over there,” said Mr. Starbuck.

“That not Moby the great white Duck,” said Captain Silly.

“Arhg, no” saked Mr. Starbuck.

“Argh no” said Captain Silly, “That be Moby the great white Rabbit.”

“Maybe we’ll find her in our other adventure,” said Captain Silly.

The End.


Once there was a star named Starlight.

She had a family: Twilight, Papa, Mama, Anna and Julia.

She lived in outerspace.

She wished that she could fly.

Anna said, “No way,”
Julia said, “That’s silly,”

Twilight said, “You could never do that.”
Mama said, “That’s dangerous.”
Papa said, “That’s too too dangerous.”

Starlight wasn’t happy. Starlight wanted to fly.

So when she tried she fell down…down…down. When Twilight saw her he said “Look at her!” Every star saw her. Even Big Wish!

Big Wish is the biggest star of every star. She has magical powers. Down, down, down she went down to Earth. Down she went until she landed in a bush.

A little girl came and her name was Lilly. She came to have a picnic. For lunch she had a peanut butter sandwich. Lilly asked if she wanted some. Starlight didn’t say anything. Then Lilly asked if she was allergic to peanuts. Starlight shook her head no. Lilly asked if they wanted to be friends. Lilly gave some of the sandwich and Starlight said yes. So they became friends.

The next day their alarm clocks rang and it was time to get up. They brushed their teeth and ate their breakfast and they went outside. Soon they saw Kylee. She was a farmer girl.

“Hey Kylee,” said Lilly, “Come meet my new friend.”

Kylee ran over. “Kylee, this is my new friend Starlight.”

“Starlight, this is my friend Kylee.” “Hello! Nice to meet you! How about a game of tag?”

Starlight didn’t know how to play tag.

“Tag is where you run and you have to play a special game called Eenie Meenie Minie Mo to see who is it,” said Lilly.

“Okay,” said Starlight.

Starlight was it. First she tagged Kylee. Second she tagged Lilly.

Then it was Kylee’s turn to be it. First she tagged Lilly. Second she tagged Starlight.

Then it was Lilly’s turn to be it.

Soon Mary walked over. “Hey Mary,” said Kylee, “Come meet Lilly’s new friend.”


…to be continued…

The sun and moon

The sun and moon

Once upon a time the Sun was sad. The Earth asked what was wrong? “I have no friends,” said the Sun, sadly. “Aren’t the children your friends?” asked the Earth. “Yes. But when I go down to the look at them they sneeze and laugh.”
When the Sun was sleeping and the Moon was high up in the sky the Earth saw the Moon was sad. “I feel lonely,” said the Moon. “Aren’t the children your friends?” asked the Earth. “Yes. But when I go down to look at them they are already asleep.”
“What about the Sun?”
“Oh yes, the Sun is my friend.” The Sun and Moon were happy.


(Written on 4-30-11)


Once upon a time there was a girl named Ella. Her mother had died so she lived with her lazy step-sisters and her cruel step-mother. They made her sleep by the cinders so they called her ”Cinderella”. One day they were invited to a ball. Cinderella could not go to the ball because she did not have a fancy dress to wear.

They put on their fancy dresses and went to the ball. When they left she sat on a stool and wept. Then Cinderella heard a voice say, ”Why are you crying dear?” Cinderella looked up. She saw a beautiful woman standing above her. Cinderella said,”Who are you?” The woman said,”I am your fairy godmother.” ”Now what is your problem.” Cinderella said, ”I don’t have a fancy dress to wear to the ball.” ”I can help you with that!” exclaimed the fairy godmother. ”Go in the garden and get the biggest pumpkin you can find.” Cinderella found a humongous pumpkin. ”Bibidi  Bobidi Boo!” said the fairy godmother and turned the pumpkin into a beautiful carriage.

….to be continued….


Hi! I am Natalie. I am an author. I like to write. I can write stories for you. I have a cool version of Cinderella, Jack and the Beanstalk and The Three Little Pigs. And I can write other stories too!

I am 6. I am in 1st grade.

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